Participating Hunts  must be registered or recognized by the Masters of Foxhounds Association and must have paid the annual hound show and performance trial fee to the MFHA ($100/annually). This hound show reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to decline any entry.    

For the purpose of this show, an Unentered Hound is one whelped after 1 January of the preceding year. A Master by making entries in this show, certifies that entries in unentered classes are hounds which are fully intended to be entered at the proper time and that the hounds in classes for entered hounds have been hunted in a regular, systematic manner.

English and Crossbred Hounds will be judged together. "Pure' American and Pennmarydel hounds may also be shown and judged. In all classes, there will be four awards - First, Second, Third and Fourth. 

Championships will be awarded to the best hounds of both English and Crossbred breeds. (See CLASSES and Championships). If sufficient numbers of American or Pennmarydel hounds are shown,  Championships may also be awarded for these breeds, although trophies are not currently available. Hunts may enter and show three hounds in single classes and two entries in classes for one couple, two couple, and stallion hound with his get. Substitution after entry is permitted in case of accident or unavoidable cause. Notice of substitution must be given to the Secretary in writing before the judging begins. In Pack Classes the individual hounds need not be named. 

Novice Divisions will be restricted to Hunts which have not won a Championship during the past three years at a recognized Hound Show. Winners of Novice Division may enter the Open Division. No additional fee will be charged.

Hounds drafted from other Hunts, with the exception of Unentered Hounds, can be shown only in the Stallion Hound and Brood Bitch Classes. Entered Hounds drafted from other hunts may be shown by hunts that have not shown in the previous year(s) at the discretion of the Chairman and with the permission of the Master of the hunt that drafted the hound. The purpose of this exception is to encourage participation by hunts that have not shown regularly. This privilege should be requested only under these circumstances.

Apparel and handling: Hunt staff are asked to wear white kennel coats. Hunting whips or sticks are not  permitted in the ring.  Whips can be carried in pack classes. All entries will be shown loose as well as coupled, but hounds will not be released until requested by the Judge. Dry biscuits are preferred to liver pieces, since the residue from liver distracts hounds being shown subsequently. 

Health considerations: In order to prevent exposure to diseases including canine brucellosis, bitches in whelp, bitches that have whelped within the last 60 days, and bitches in season are not permitted on the grounds. This rule also applies to terriers. Any Hunt with confirmed active Leishmaniasis in its kennel cannot show any hound from the kennel, regardless of titre, until the pack is free of active Leishmaniasis. (Note that this does not refer to serologically positive apparently healthy hounds). 

All hounds entered for competition must be on the show premises by 9:00 am. on the day of the show. Dogs not entered in the show should not be brought to the immediate vicinity of the show.


Classes for working dogs and bitches will be held immediately after luncheon (usually before the judging of foxhound bitches commences). Terriers need not be owned by a Hunt but must be owned by a member of a recognized Hunt and may be shown by any family member or friend. There is no entry fee for terriers.

Young Handlers’ Class:

Members and supporters of participating hunts age 12 or under are invited to show. One or two entries per Hunt. No entry fee. Dogs or bitches, to be shown on leads. Handlers, not hounds are judged.